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Created for Engineers & Designers in the
Off-Highway Mobile Equipment Industry

Presented by OEM Off-Highway
Nov. 5-7, 2024

The Virtual Summit

Three Days of Powerful Talks
Nov. 5-7, 2024

Presented by OEM Off-Highway, this three-day virtual event brings together knowledgeable industry experts to share insights on a range of topics from electrification to automation to operator environment. Returning for it's third year, OEM Industry Summit will not only cover the latest OEM trends and technologies, but also answer some of the industry's toughest questions. Register now to learn more about what's in store for the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

OEM Off-Highway Executive Outlook
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024 | 10 a.m. CST

In this panel discussion, the industry’s top consultants and economists will cover the conditions of the current OEM off-highway industry and offer market updates about what’s to come. From infrastructure challenges to material shortages and the path to zero emissions, this presentation will not only assess the state of the industry today, but also provide a forward-looking glimpse into 2025.

Electrification Today
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024 | 12 p.m. CST

As the electrification of mobile equipment continues to gain momentum across the manufacturing landscape, this session will assess the current state of electric power in the off-highway industry and highlight the emerging technologies and strategies that are guiding the success of this trend.

Automation & Beyond
Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2024 | 10 a.m. CST

Automation is on the rise throughout the OEM environment and perhaps even more so in mobile equipment design and engineering. Join us for this session as industry experts analyze the leading technologies in this space and what’s making automation in off-highway vehicles a viable option for streamlining product development, production and operations.

Powertrain Progress
Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2024 | 12 p.m. CST

On the road to reducing emissions, today’s OEMs face a number of challenges when it comes to powering off-highway equipment. From diesel to emerging technologies and alternative power, our experts will explore how power systems are developing. In this session, you'll get insights into not only the longevity of power systems, but also what to expect from the trends of tomorrow, and how OEMs can better understand and navigate the market.

Connectivity & IoT
Thursday, Nov. 7, 2024 | 10 a.m. CST

With electrification and automation leading the way in equipment design, there is now a greater need for connected systems. From hydraulic systems to engine analytics, both OEMs and end users today require more reliable connectivity, purpose-driven devices and IoT technologies to keep up with the competition. Tune in for insights into the latest advancements and emerging trends in this corner of the OEM environment.

Trends in the Cab
Thursday, Nov. 7, 2024 | 12 p.m. CST

As technology progresses, so must the operator environment. Learn more about the developments driving change in traditional cab design and development, including electronics, interfaces, comfort, access and operational precision. From cutting-edge systems and displays to ergonomic controls and connectivity, this session will highlight the trends that are shaping cabs today.

Past Summits

Past Summits

2023 OEM Industry Summit

This three-day event covered the year's top trends, including electrification, automation, operator environment and more, in sessions shaped for engineers and designers in the off-highway mobile equipment industry.

Future Engineering

2022 OEM Industry Summit

The inaugural industry event brought together some of the industry's most brilliant minds to present on the hottest topics and technologies affecting the off-highway market throughout the year.

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